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The composition and the magic

It is very common for someone to suggest or even charge, that I explain in a more objective way, how my composition process works. In fact, I don't stop to think about it and consequently I couldn't define exactly the approach to be used or even the script to be followed within a possible course on the issue. To my own surprise, I recently had some "insights" and I think it's time to face the challenge of talking about the subject in an organized and clear way.

The first step of the process begins right now, when I will try to talk about what kind of relationship I have with this subject so rich and subjective. Consider this post as the introduction of a book.

Musical creation can manifest itself in different ways and levels of complexity. The composer can use either the theoretical knowledge acquired in schools, books, colleges, free courses and the internet or just let pre-acquired ideas flow in informal musical practice.

I believe, and it's just a belief, that knowledge and technique do not offer the passport for this trip. However, when the creator manages to be moved by his own creation, it is the moment in which he makes it possible for the other, the subjective interpretation of the message contained in his musical piece.

I studied a lot, but I confess that I never took a composition course. In fact, I consider myself a reasonably well-trained musician in theoretical terms, who gives vent to his creative ideas instinctively. I think I'm always at some point between theory and informality.

Many colleagues tried to convince me to take composition courses, a suggestion that I never took, which made them very angry. They almost always interpreted me in a negative way, labeling me arrogant for despising the help of more experienced composers.

In fact, I didn't give a damn about this type of charge, I didn't even feel offended or insecure. It has always been clear to me that the result I pursued was not in classes or in pre-designed methods. I am a musician of popular tradition, I am moved by simple things, I do not need to be respected by intellectuals who believe they have a superior understanding of art, and try to frame us in some academic or elitist niche.

Music is a kind of magic. Contrary to what it seems, the element that transforms notes into magic is neither obvious nor palpable but it is absolutely real. Music happens when it interferes with our perception of space and time, a moment when we are transported to a more poetic scenario, where feelings become the dominant language.

The other day I was asked during a live, which image of my work I would like to leave for posterity. Although I felt a somewhat provocative tone in the way the question was elaborated, I simply answered that this kind of concern did not occupy any space in my life projects.

I won't be here to see the perpetuation or forgetfulness of my work. I just want to share my feelings and produce my contribution for today. I'm not going to follow paths that are not mine.

I don't criticize or despise other paths, I just think I have the right to be just myself. I want to resonate with the music I make myself. I want cognition to be natural that it is established through a common and intelligible vocabulary. I want my music to be appreciated as a child appreciates a little story told by the mother at bedtime.

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