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Exercícios de velocidade para violão

Método contendo exercícios de velocidade para violão de Ulisses Rocha.


Classical Guitar method featuring speed technical exercises by Ulisses Rocha.

Exercícios de velocidade para violão

  • *About currency: The price is in Brazilian currency. US$ and EUR$ are about 4 times stronger then Brazilian Real. It mens that a R$10,00 product in this website will cost about U$2.50 for you.


    *About Payment: To make things easier set up a PayPal account.


    *About payment (2) :If you don't have a PayPal account and prefer to make your payment manually, use any international internet bank transfer method as TranferWise, or any other method of your choice. In this case, send me a message requesting a manual payment and I'll send all data needed for the transaction.

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